Schooley Mitchell of Portland


Business Consulting

About Us

My mission is quite simple. I want to get my clients the same, or better, service at a lower cost.

We will review expenses such as telecom, merchant service, utilities, waste, linens, etc. with a view to save you time and money. We do three basic things:
We will make sure you are being billed correctly, and you would be surprised how often mistakes are found. We will recover that money and put it back in your account.
We will check your services to make sure you are not paying for things you don’t need or want
Most importantly, we will examine the marketplace using his specialized processes and tools to identify the best prices possible while maintain the same, or higher, level of service for you.
The wonderful thing about this service is that it is self-funded from the savings. If we can’t find you any savings, or if the saving represents changes that you are not ready to make, we charges nothing.