Ziply Fiber



About Us

Hi, we're Ziply Fiber, and we're building the Northwest's best, fastest network for business.

Here are just 4 reasons our new & improved fiber network is better:
• Capacity management?With network usage capped at just 40%, there’s plenty of bandwidth to spare when upgrades are necessary or individual components fail.
• Redundant core?Our core backbone is capable of 20+ TBps on all inter-city fiber routes, with fully redundant local aggregation networks & multiple fiber connections down to the hub site level.
• Best, fastest network?We’re investing $500 million in the communities we serve, for the best connectivity experience now and in the future.
• Regionally focused network?We’re local, with headquarters in Kirkland, WA, and offices in Everett; Yakima; Beaverton, OR and Hayden Lake, ID.